Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Books - From Old Poems

They know what you want ,
Tell all that you cann't,
Time goes on ,but they remain .
Their richness rewards ,
Their wisdom guards ,
They would leave you never alone .
The most trusted friends ,
Whose help never ends ,
Without them 's life lone and lame .
So simple ,though looks ,
But wonderful books ,
All past and future contain .
Just know and acknowledge ,
Their ever growing knowledge ,
Your heart and mind would gain .
If cann't catch sense ,
Need not being tense ,
Go through with all might and main .
 -- Pratibha.

The teacher

   (from Old Poems)
For we could know & face the truth,
O, teacher, gave you that insight.

You taught not only read &write,
But how to work at book of life.

Lost child on sea shore,you got hold ,
And made worth while human life.

Whenever in fix I think of you,
Your words always provide some clue,

As guide, you shade me all my way,
And how to separate wrong &and right.

Unbound the chains & opened door ,
To find the treasure of world lore ,

Crops, ever more once you sowed the seeds,
I owe you wisdom love & light.

For we could know & face the truth,
O, teacher, gave you that insight.
-- Pratibha Saksena

Dhriatashtra can't see - from Old Poems


Dhritrashtra can't see ,and weapons are free ,
The ideals impotent ,barbarians free .
Where logic is sin ,all new thoughts crime ,
Many thousand years thrown  in dust bin ,
Where womanhood is crushed with only disdain ,
Are those human ,are they really sane ?
Where malice to lead , good faith to bury ,
When ethics powerless , what then to decree ?,
They suppose they are merited ,all else sinners ,
Only their accordance decides and adhers .
Imprisioned humanity , and throwing away keys ,
They are growing on crops and crops of zombies .
And Dhritrashtra can''t see the hatred is free ,
He inquires, accuses ,waiting further more to be.
He  only observes and condemns what''s done .

Only avoiding and shuning the action.
Finally he will shout and cry and curse ,
When nothing be left that might reimburse.
All culture ,creation in wilderness cry -
 'They only to live ,and all else to die ?',
 Pratibha Saksena .

*Dhritshtra - The blind king ,father of the Kauravas ,whose policy of watching injustice silently,resulted in the destructive Indian war of Mahabharata .

The word meaning is -One who is in charge of maintaining law and order in the nation .

Monday, January 3, 2011

Woman &Childhood .(From old poems)

You can feel fragrance of smiles ,she is child ,

She is growing and glowing in hues so mild .

A candle in mist ,a bliss for sight .

Then makes a heaven of home ,her site .
And childhood jumps and clings to her lap.

In womanhood childhood there's no gap.

But time goes on ,she gains grey hair ,

This part of nature ,though ,not fair .
Great grand ma nature,never gets old ,

And this injustice never been told --

Great great grand ma ever fresh n 'green ,

And this grand mother never has been .
Comes childhood dancing around ,surrounds .

Her content pleasure ,knows no bounds .

She sings lull-a-by ,her grey hair dance

She looks not grown up ,as if in trance .
She holds the age old magic -wand ,

To take grandchildren to dream-land .

They grow up come in next stage ,

She takes long leap for infant age .

- Pratibha saksena

Sunday, December 26, 2010



भूत कभी मरता नहीं .

जितना भागोगे ,घेरेगा .

दौड़ना मत, भगाता चला जाएगा.

दूर ,और दूर !

तंत्र-मंत्र अभिचार , सब बेकार ,

अपना मौका तलाशता

हवाएँ सूँघ लेता है .


अकेली ,कुछ कमज़ोर ,

शिथिल-सी मनस्थिति देख

अनायास छाया सा घिर ,

तन-मन आविष्ट-अवसन्न कर

छोड़ देता है किसी अगाध में .


जितना भागोगे ,घेरेगा ,

भगाता चला जाएगा ,

विस्मृति भरी दूरियों तक.

और उसके लिए सच है -

जहाँ पलट कर देखो ,

पीछे लग जाएगा .

क्योंकि भूत कभी मरता नहीं .


Thursday, December 2, 2010


अनलिखा वह पत्र मन ने पढ़ लिया होगा !

मुखर हो पाई न चाहे कामना तो थी ,
सत्य हो पाई न हो , संभावना तो थी ,
बहुत गहरे उतर अंतर थाह लेता जो
रह गई अभिव्यक्ति बिन पर भावना तो थी,
उड़ा डाला आँधियों ने और तो सब कुछ ,
किन्तु भारी-पन यथावत् धर दिया होगा
कुछ न मिटता, रूप बस थोड़ा बदल जाता ,
स्वरों ने गाया न हो पर गीत रच जाता.
अनबताया रह गया कुछ मौन में डूबा
रेतकण सा अँजुरी से रीत झर जाता .
रिक्तियों को पूरने की अवश मजबूरी
जो मिला स्वीकार नत-शिर कर लिया होगा !

Monday, November 1, 2010


भौतिकता और चेतना के दो घटवाली जीवन-काँवर ,
लेकर आता है जीव ,श्वास की त्रिगुण डोर में अटका कर ,
हर बार नये ही निर्धारण ,काँवरिये की यात्रा के पथ
चक्रिल राहों पर भरमाता देता फिर बरस-बरस भाँवर .
घट में धारण कर लिया आस्था-विश्वासों का संचित जल
अर्पित कर महाकाल को फिर, चल देता अपने नियतस्थल !