Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dhriatashtra can't see - from Old Poems


Dhritrashtra can't see ,and weapons are free ,
The ideals impotent ,barbarians free .
Where logic is sin ,all new thoughts crime ,
Many thousand years thrown  in dust bin ,
Where womanhood is crushed with only disdain ,
Are those human ,are they really sane ?
Where malice to lead , good faith to bury ,
When ethics powerless , what then to decree ?,
They suppose they are merited ,all else sinners ,
Only their accordance decides and adhers .
Imprisioned humanity , and throwing away keys ,
They are growing on crops and crops of zombies .
And Dhritrashtra can''t see the hatred is free ,
He inquires, accuses ,waiting further more to be.
He  only observes and condemns what''s done .

Only avoiding and shuning the action.
Finally he will shout and cry and curse ,
When nothing be left that might reimburse.
All culture ,creation in wilderness cry -
 'They only to live ,and all else to die ?',
 Pratibha Saksena .

*Dhritshtra - The blind king ,father of the Kauravas ,whose policy of watching injustice silently,resulted in the destructive Indian war of Mahabharata .

The word meaning is -One who is in charge of maintaining law and order in the nation .

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